Monday, February 6, 2017

Lil' Will

My fears have come to life with the arrival of Lil' Will the rooster. We named him that because our friend Will (who takes all those great cruising boat race photos) imitates him perfectly. During the holidays, Gertrude the hen disappeared. I was really hoping that she was nesting and would return with some chicks, but we never saw her again. That means she was probably someone's Christmas dinner, since she was so friendly and easily caught. About a week or so ago, I saw a chicken from my balcony and thought she was back and threw down some cereal, only to have the bird start crowing! Bad idea. Now he comes around and calls out for food, which I don't give him. Twice now he has come up on our porch and looked in the door.

I have a spray bottle of water that I chase him down the stairs with to discourage the climb up. Funny thing is that I think he may like it. Another bad idea I think.

At least he waits until about 9 AM to start coming around and stays with his buddies up at the lighthouse next door in the early morning hours. I love hearing them, but only in the distance!

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