Friday, February 24, 2017

Stormy Weather

Our weather has been wild for a couple of days. On Wednesday, the wind and clouds kept building. We always know we are in for a blow when there is a parade of boats coming into our harbor. There wasn't a mooring or marina slip available anywhere in Hope Town Harbour. As soon as it got dark it started pouring and blowing so hard from the southeast that our whole covered porch was wet. By 11 PM the cistern had overflowed and we had 4” of water at the base of our stairs. Even the next morning the water was still coming out the overflow. It didn’t help that for the past 3 days the watermaker (makes 100 gal./hr.!) had been on, so the cistern was almost full to start with.  The wind was howling and whistling through the jalousie windows that don’t close all the way. Our cabinet doors under the kitchen sink were creaking and opening up like the place was haunted. At 1:30 AM it was blowing 40 mph. We heard later it blew 30-40 for 6 hours with gusts to 46. I actually saw one of our shingles going flying by. We fell asleep and at 4 AM the wind died and all was quiet for a few minutes until the rain teemed down so hard you couldn’t see outside. In fact I couldn’t see out my windows in the morning and had to clean them from the salt and rain spray. At 7 AM the sky was blue and there was a rainbow with not a breath of wind. It all seemed like a nightmare!

Yesterday afternoon thunderstorms and a white squall appeared just as some of our cruising friends were getting married down at the Abaco Inn. Rain on a wedding is good luck right? It did provide another beautiful rainbow and in fact we had two of them in different spots around sunset.

Dave claims it poured rain during last night too, but I slept through it after the previous night's lack of sleep. The cistern is full again, which is a good thing!

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  1. I'll bet you were thinking how fortunate to be on land and not a boat during the storms. It must have been rather unnerving to be awake throughout.