Monday, February 13, 2017

The Past Week

It's hard to believe that a week has gone by since I posted last. It has been a week filled with meetings, luncheons, great visits with friends from both home and here, and lots of sailing. Unfortunately no one has taken any photos of us yet!  I hate to say it, but except for a few chilly cold fronts, our weather has been better than normal. I know everyone from up north hates to hear that when they are digging out from two major snowstorms.

We had our annual HTSC men's and ladies luncheons last week. 45 men went to a past commodore's house and sat around eating tons of fantastic food and talked about sailing. Meanwhile 52 ladies went to the Hope Town Lodge and ate beautifully presented salads...isn't that what ladies are supposed to eat? 😉 We had a fun and entertaining scarf demonstration, complete with door prizes, of which I won one! It's a gorgeous 100% silk scarf that the woman organizing the event had acquired while on a trip to China. Just as nice was the credit I was given for all my hard work at the club and on their website, plus the applause when my name was called.

Dave raced Sunfish in light to no wind yesterday. He came in 4th in very challenging conditions trying to get over the finish in the last race.

With the calm conditions there were many spectators watching the action (or lack of action as the afternoon unfolded). One larger boat had brought a grill and coerced one of the skiffs to deliver hot dogs to everyone watching the races and even the competitors. It was really quite memorable. Hot dogs anyone?

I'll try to keep you better posted on our activities, but if you don't see anything new, rest assured we're just out doing the everyday things we enjoy doing.

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