Friday, March 10, 2017


Looks big and mean, doesn't it? It's actually just a nurse shark and only 2 ft. long! I followed it for about half an hour today while I was kayaking. It tried to hide in the rocks, but I quickly found it and got really close...

What a fun outing with turtles and rays swimming under me. The tide was super low and I reached down and grabbed this gorgeous starfish. As soon as I sat it down on the front of the kayak, it sucked on to the plastic and I had to pry it off. After my photo shoot I gently placed it right where I found it.

Then I snuck up on the this little green heron who looks like he just ate a fish.

I think I saw almost as much wildlife as Dave and Jim Ryan did snorkeling at Fowl Cay, and all I had to do was kayak just outside the harbor.

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  1. Wow, great pictures on what looks like a beautiful day!