Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Despite all our afflictions, we have made it back home again. Note to self: Don't travel the roads during Easter weekend! Everything in the house is fine, but much yardwork needs to be done. We've also been up to Ticonderoga, where things seemed to have weathered the winter just as well....all except the Thunderbird that refused to run and may need a new fuel pump. It was blocking my PT Cruiser Convertible in the garage, so we pushed it out to get the other car out to take home. Dave ran downtown to put it on the road, only to find that DMV was closed because the computers weren't working.😠 So we pushed the T-Bird back into the garage first, then parked the PT, and we cruised on home in "Marilyn", Mom's 2002 Buick Century that we purchased from her and drove back from Florida. Dave remembers Mom and Dad showing us the car at the dealership and always liked it. When Mom said she really wanted it to stay in the family and none of my siblings wanted it, we added it to our fleet. It is a fantastic car for long distance trips, and now our 1995 GMC van can be relieved of the duty of traversing the I 95 corridor. As an added bonus (besides dual air/heat control and my favorite...the visor extensions), the stereo system is awesome and what a concert hall we had going in all that stop and go traffic on the way home. Heck, it not only plays all our aging CDs, it also plays cassette tapes that we still have a few of in the old van!

This will be my last blog post for awhile unless something exciting happens. As my mother's saying goes, "it's all routine stuff." Enjoy the spring!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Adding Insult To Injury

Literally! Greetings from "Sick Bay"... Dave and I have come down with two different flus at the same time. Although we both had a stomach virus during the night, Dave's got better, but he has chills, aches, and is really congested. Although I don't have the congestion (yet) my stomach is still acting up. At least this didn't happen in the thick of all the action when we were trying to get things done. Plus luckily no one else has our ailments. I'm not sure we will be ready to leave here this weekend, but at least it takes my mind off my broken toe. 😉

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whirlwind Week

It has been quite a busy week. I left Hope Town for Daytona on April 1st and Dave left on the 4th. My sister Sue arrived here on the 4th also. Then we all went to work cleaning out the cupboards, closets, hutches, etc. in my mother's house. Mom, who has settled in and adapted as well as possible in assisted living, requested to see all her 'stuff' one more time, so she spent the day here on Wednesday. Then, in two days we pulled together most everything for a huge garage sale. It was actually fun since several of the neighbors bought things as mementos and kept coming back for more. They also were able to visit with Mom, which was nice.

 (These photos were taken before all the holiday decorations were brought out, so there was lots more)

It was only a one day sale as Dave and my brother Rick and nephew Matthew wanted to go to the annual Port Orange Volkswagen show on Sunday. Plus Sue took Mom to see her 11 month old great grandson Bradley who was vacationing with his parents Melissa and Ben in Ormond Beach (Sue flew here from NH with the three of them). Meanwhile I took everything left over from the sale and boxed it all up for donations to the Hospice store, which we will drop off today.

Mom also has many collectibles and we are in the process of finding a consignment store to try and sell them, which is no easy task as they all need to be recorded and appraised. A realtor friend of Rick and Eva's has been here and the house will go up for sale when Dave and I leave on Saturday. Dave and I have purchased Mom's Buick Century (she wanted it kept in the family) and we will be quite a sight going up I 95 with a U-Haul trailer in tow, carrying the Honda Helix and all the items that Sue and I want to keep! It's sad that it is the end of an era though.

As one final note, on Tuesday morning I broke my right little toe badly on the coffee table. It was a scary sight seeing it sticking out at about a 45-60 degree angle and wouldn't go back into place. All I could do was tape it together with a couple of the other toes for support and keep on working. "No rest for the wicked!"

More when we arrive home...