Monday, May 29, 2017

Rainy Days & Mondays...

...always get me down. We are running out of projects to do with all this wet and chilly weather. Dave and Jim have perfected the "twirly gig" invention though. It has been stabilized with turnbuckles from a sailboat rig that allow the tension to be adjusted (living in a boatyard during the winter definitely has its advantages). Now it will be the hit of the the shows he takes it to.

So I guess rainy days and Mondays don't make Dave down, they make him 'up'!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Where Have We Been?!?!

Yes, we are still alive and well, but waiting for the spring to arrive to do fun things besides yard work, has been slow in coming. Since we tend to travel a lot, we no longer have internet service and need to rely on our shrinking mobile data, or good old McDonald's free WiFi, which is where I am posting from today. During the summer you will probably find there will be less posting, but most likely longer posts. So where HAVE we been in between all the rain? See below for some examples...

We took a day trip up to the Thousand Islands to witness the rising waters and flooding that we read about:

It was hard to tell in Clayton, which boats were already launched and which were still on dry land.
 Business as usual even though the cars were in the water!

 The stationary public docks in Alexandria Bay are underwater so floating docks were brought in.

 The tour boats were so high that these posts were built so they have something to rub against and not go ON the dock.
 We saw sandbags in several places and this tour boat had to have floating docks brought in too.

During one of the only two 90 degree days we have had so far, we took the Thunderbird to Burlington, VT. I walked while Dave rode his fold up bicycle that fits in the trunk:

We met up with Sue and Len in Quechee Gorge, Vermont, which is about halfway for them in NH and us in Ticonderoga, to meet for lunch.

We got more than we bargained for when visiting the Waterford locks where the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers converge.

Flooding has been an issue here before, so this apartment house has been raised and moved so the foundations can be repaired and brought up higher.

This was a huge barge being welded, along with its push tug at the seawall.

So now we wait for better boating weather. Meanwhile, at least all my flowering bushes are blooming and look gorgeous!

Stay tuned for more!