Monday, July 24, 2017

Annual Hudson River Cruise

Dave and I took the Sea Fox skiff down the Hudson River last week. It was a perfect day for cruising from Catskill to Kingston. We saw many barges being towed, and in fact one tugboat was pushing 6 barges tied up together. Then we saw the barge below. If anyone knows or can even guess what this is, please let me know!

Esopus and Roundout Creek Lighthouses:

Bridges across the Roundout Creek in Kingston...I can picture a train derailing and plunging into the water:

Roundout Wooden Boat School:

Old PT Boats just sitting and waiting for revival:

Many old wooden barge skeletons are strewn along the shore. We wondered how many were below us that we couldn't see. This used to be quite an important port.

Tugs line the shore too, waiting for repairs.

Lots of barges waiting to be hauled out for restoring. It was the busiest we have ever seen it.

The whole Roundout Creek is so interesting, but the end by the falls is the prettiest.

We're already looking forward to going back next summer!

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