Wednesday, July 5, 2017

St. Lawrence Current

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to go kayaking from Grass Point State Park. I wouldn't want to launch a boat here though, because the water is so high that part of the docks are underwater.

The workers were trying to load up this trailer full of campfire wood onto a barge, which was quite challenging.

We struggled to go up current, but stuck close to shore where it wasn't so noticeable. Then on the way back we sure went flying with the current, eddies, and whirlpools, past the lighthouse and Dave's wreck that he wants to snorkel on. Taking photos was rather challenging too, since we were going so fast, it was difficult to maneuver and stay in one place long enough to get the phone camera out and snap the shots. All we could do was laugh as we flew by (sometimes backwards 😉).

Today we went out in Foxie the Sea Fox skiff, launching from Keewaydin State Park (there are so many beautiful state parks and campgrounds along the river). With the high water, there is a 5 mph, no wake zone, 600 ft. from shore, enforced throughout the 1000 Islands. Everyone is hoping it will help keep damage and erosion down from boat wakes. This makes the going slow for quite a bit of the time, but then we get to really see the houses along the shore at trawler speed. We went over to the Canadian side by Ivy Lea and through all the little islands where the current is at least 3-4 knots. It is a spectacular area, and we even had an excellent loon encounter. A pair of loons were feeding and diving for fish as a brand new little fuzzy baby was nearby. They weren't afraid of us at all as we quietly watched them for a few minutes. Unfortunately my photos did not come out well, but what an experience.

We hated leaving and heading home today. The weather was so nice and we want to explore more, but we will be back at the beginning of August.

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