Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Junk-achoo & Stairway To Heaven?

Both Dave and I have caught colds. In fact almost all of the cruisers from Hope Town that went to Junkanoo seem to have acquired the same affliction. Dave spent two days in bed and got over his quickly, and then I woke up with the worst sinus pain, pressure, and congestion I have ever had. My face was even swollen. The upside to this was that the wrinkles on my sun damaged skin disappeared, although just temporarily...darn! I'm feeling better now too and hopefully it won't affect my asthma. I just wonder how many people we passed this virus on to while working at the fair, without realizing it.

While I was convalescing yesterday, Dave got called to help with a project at the lighthouse. The halyard for the huge flagpole had come loose and someone needed to go up and fix it. Many of the locals are afraid of the water and afraid of heights, so the only people they could think of that would go up there were the Haitians since they are used to climbing coconut trees. Unfortunately none could be found when needed. Since Dave is used to climbing up trees at home to attach ropes, so they can be cut and pulled down in the right direction, he volunteered. He went up to the top of the 60 foot pole with a combination of climbing up the ladders and being hoisted with a safety line attached to bosun's chair, used for going up sailboat masts. He was assisted by Steve on 'Salty Turtle'(thanks Steve for the pictures), Town Councilman Harold Malone, and local businessman Truman Major, who owns half the moorings in the harbor and runs a charter fishing business. While Dave was going up the ladder, Truman encouraged him by shouting, "You da man Dave, you da man!" He also kidded him saying that it had actually been a couple of years since the halyard was set loose, and it had taken that long to come up with a plan and in a matter of minutes Dave 'Got-R-Done'. Now when the flag is flying again, Dave can be proud that he had a part in it.

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