Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ocean Kayaking

The expected cold front finally came through yesterday morning. The sun came back out and the wind changed to the northwest. We received a VHF radio call from our neighbor Ben on Belinda B, who said that he had just walked his dog on the beach and it was flat calm in the ocean. It was low tide and there was barely a ripple even breaking on the shore. This was our perfect opportunity to portage our kayak from the small harbor beach, over the sand dune to the beach and ocean.
Here’s Dave whitewater kayaking (or perhaps I should white sand kayaking?) down the dune to the beach. Kowabunga dude!

Getting into our two person kayak was easy, but we did have to time it around a few small waves that were breaking.
It was spectacular paddling though the reefs and along the shore.

While we were out having fun, the tide was coming in and the swells started making it over the reef, so we ended up surfing back to the beach, but nothing dangerous at all, just fun!

Today we heard that someone saw a humpback whale in deep water just past the reef. That really would have been quite an experience! We will have to add this to our things to do list when the NW wind makes it too rough in the Sea of Abaco to go kayaking or boating.

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