Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Race to the Finish

Our time here in Hope Town is almost over. It has been quite a winter of sailing and racing. Dave sailed several times on the Abaco Rage, once on a sailboat named Sundog, and he has also participated in every Sunfish/Abaco Dinghy race.
Being on the race committee, Dave has filled in when not crewing on boats, and I have assisted with almost every race on either the committee or mark set boat. This is also a great way to view the races. When on the committee boat, which is stationed at the start/finish line, we get to see how close the competition is, especially at the start.
Being on the mark set boat, we get to follow the race closer, and have seen some awesome mark roundings and maneuvers.

Now, as the season draws to a close, we only have one more sailboat race, and we will both help on the committee boat. Then we will be doing a race of our own towards our boat storage yard in Green Turtle Cay.
In order to get there though, we have to plan according to the calmest weather possible, to get past the challenge of Whale Cay Passage. We will most likely take the inside route, called the Don't Rock Passage, which we have to travel at high tide, in order to get over the shallow sandbars. It is quicker than the outside ocean route, but conditions have to be perfect to attempt it. Once we get over this hurdle in our race to the finish, we can complete our boat projects, clean and polish everything inside and out to help prevent rust and mildew, and be ready for New Horizon to be hauled out on land for the summer, on April 5th.

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