Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We'll be leaving this northern climate in just a few days. But what’s this…how can it be? A hurricane named Sandy (how ironic) is approaching Abaco! There is even a tropical storm watch for Daytona, where we are headed first. Then there is a possibility that it may head to New York and New England. We’re hoping that our timing will be spot on, enabling us to fly south to Daytona without getting stuck in Charlotte. It will be a close call, but when reservations are made so far in advance, we are at the whims of the weather gods.

I’ll post our experiences when I get to Florida, and hopefully the Abacos and New Horizon won’t have any damage (the storm is predicted to go right over our home base of Hope Town). Meanwhile I’ll sit in front of my heater envisioning my other life…

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