Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Spirit

We have spent the past couple of days preparing for the HTSC's annual holiday dinner celebration. Not only did we (and a few other volunteers) decorate both the inside and the outside of the clubhouse, but tables and chairs had to be brought in and set up. The end result was well worth our efforts!

 We were doing great until it started to rain (and continued all day), but the white tarps that Dave had specially made for the gazebo area, helped keep some of the wetness out.

 The showers stopped just as members arrived and the rest of the evening went flawlessly. The food was fantastic with turkey, ham, and beef being carved.

 The rest of the food was all brought in by the sailing club members and was delicious.

I helped set up the food, and then later it was time to wash and dry all the 60+ settings of silverware, serving utensils, and empty serving bowls and containers. When I came out of the small kitchen I was surprised to see that the clubhouse was already back to normal. All the chairs had been returned to the church for Sunday's service, and the tables went back to the local restaurant. The time seemed to go by way too fast for all the preparations that had to be made. At least the decorations will stay up for the rest of the holidays.

In the end, there were just a few leftovers and all the champagne was gone, making for a great evening.

And our House Chairman, Phyllis can breathe a big sigh of relief that it's over. 

A job well done, and now all that's left is posting all the photos that were taken on the club's website. 

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