Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dream Come True

Dave recently went to see the progress being made on the restoration of our friend's Abaco Dinghy. New owner Heinz [center], gets a firsthand look at his freshly restored boat, MIDGET OF ABACO. With the upcoming racing season, the mast and boom must be stripped and re-rigged next.

The transom crown and gunnels are all varnished cypress. The entire keel is new, since it would no longer hold fasteners. Only one plank needed replacement. The hull has been completely re-fastened and re-caulked.

Most of the bright wood inside is cypress also, with a trimming of mahogany. The workmanship and finished product are unique and world class.

 Proud owner Heinz, with Cecil, the man behind this beautiful restoration. This particular boat was built to win races with her finer entry, deeper keel, and oversize rig.  

 MIDGET OF ABACO was built in 1984 by Winer Malone of Hope Town, Abaco. She was commissioned by sailmaker Skip Shaw, and named for his wife. She is 14' with a 22' mast.

Here are some raw natural knees in the Great Harbor Boat Restoration workshop, where MIDGET OF ABACO was restored, on the same island as she was originally built.

This Abaco dinghy awaits restoration at this haven for Bahamian built wooden boats.

Various dinghies and spars, supplies, and lumber are stored in this open-air shed.

 This is 'TOM'S FOLLY', a nicely restored standard 14 foot Abaco Dinghy, also built by Winer Malone. It is the sister to our own Abaco Dinghy, 'DANDY'.

Looking out over Fry's Mangrove from the workshop of GREAT HARBOR BOAT RESTORATION.

What a memorable experience and a spectacular Abaco Dinghy. Congratulations Heinz!

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