Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Memorable Morning

What a way to start the day, especially since it was Christmas Day! We woke to no wind and flat calm seas. What perfect time to kayak around the north end of Elbow Cay. We headed out into the Sea of Abaco, which was like glass.

This is the sister to our Abaco Dinghy. We believe that they were made at the same time.

Approaching the north end and heading out the cut to the ocean.

The ocean was a little bit rougher, but still no problem paddling around the reefs.

We had to time our landing on the beach, so we didn't get broadside to the waves. Notice how many people are on the beach?

Right after we portaged the kayak over the sand dune and back to the harbor, we went swimming in the ocean. Adding to the ambiance of the morning, the nearby church started playing the carol Joy to the World on its bell chimes, just as we entered the water. It was quite a moment and we realized once again, how lucky and blessed we really are!

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