Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zipping Back

It has been raining all day here in Hope Town, which is very rare at this time of year. While we are sequestered, or in this case SEAquestered, I thought I'd finally write a post about Dave's experience on a zipline. The day before we left to fly to Abaco, Dave and our nephew Matthew decided it would be fun to check out the challenges of the zipline at Zoom Air in Daytona. Matthew's girlfriend Emily and I went along as spectators and cheering section. The guys did all three sections, each one getting more and more challenging and higher up.

 First thing they had to do was 'suit up' with these harnesses. 

They had to have one clip on the safety lines at all times, which was a bit hard at first, but they both caught on quickly. Next stop...crossing over Niagara Falls! And this was just the beginning...

 The initial zipline was short so they could get the proper procedure down pat. Nice form guys!

It's harder than it looks because your legs start to do the split.

This net was at the end of one of the zipline runs and you had to climb out of it to the next station.

Time to "kick it up a notch" and go even higher.

This section was relatively easy, compared to the next one...

Spiltsville! This provided the biggest challenge of all three courses.

It was worth it though, because it led to the longest, fastest, and highest zipline of them all. Exhilarating!

Almost to the finish. This was fine for Matthew with his long legs, but it gave another meaning to 'vertically challenged' for Uncle Dave. 

It took almost three hours to complete all three courses and by then it was closing time. It was interesting to watch the ground support crew prepare the sections for nighttime. They had to raise all the rope ladders, so that no one could gain access to the course, and then climb back down the extension ladder.

Back from the heights, Emily hangs on to the guys' carabiner hooks and makes sure they stay rooted back on solid ground. I think all four of us could have used a chiropractor after the completion of Zoom Air. The guys from the challenges above, and the girls with stiff necks looking up from below.

What a fun 'bond'-ing experience!


  1. Gee, what could we do next summer with all the old cables and big old trees up here ? let me think about this over the winter.