Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Midget of Abaco Lives On

Midget Of Abaco, Heinz's 14ft. Abaco Dinghy has completed its extensive restoration (click HERE for the post on its progress). Dave and Bill were asked to give it a test sail to see how it performs and to give recommendations. Dave sailed this same boat several years ago, when it was extremely tippy, unstable, and almost too much to handle, and he was not impressed with it. Needless to say, he was a bit apprehensive to get back in the boat, let alone sail it. What a fantastic surprise he had, because some modifications have been made and it has made a huge difference. Bill started off at the helm and Dave ran the mainsheet, hiking out when needed.

Then the guys switched positions and Dave was the helmsman. They had a blast sailing around the harbor as Dave hollered YIPPEE & YEEHAW! Many people came out to take pictures of this gorgeous boat...and of course the guys doing such a good job sailing it!

Thank you Heinz and Jacqueline for the opportunity to have such an exhilarating experience (that's them watching from the bow of their boat)!

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