Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back Up

My computer is back up and running again (thank goodness I backed up my documents and photos before it crashed!), and now it's time to back up and tell you about what we have been doing for the past month. This will be a bit out of order and fragmented, but it will help to get you caught up. I will do a few individual posts on events that have more photos. Meanwhile....

We went to the ACBS boat show in Burlington and Sashayed around the waterfront and Shelburne Bay of Lake Champlain with Catherine and David.
We also went the ACBS boat show in Lake George Village.

Back up to Lake George Village a few weeks later for the Adirondack Nationals Car Show.

The same weekend of the Adirondack Nationals was the 2013 Rice-o-rama motorcycle swap meet. This year seemed to feature many of the bikes that we have owned through the years, like this CB175 (mine!)
and this Honda three wheeled ATV...
and this Yamaha Seca 550 (ours was pristine!)
Back at the Pashley Ranch, Dave was doing some work with the New Holland when a hose broke and he got stuck in the woods when it wouldn't start. Our 1941 Farmall came to the rescue and towed it out....after IT got rescued by Karl when it ran out of gas!  

Stay tuned...more summer adventures to follow!

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