Friday, February 28, 2014

End of a Decade, End of an Era

It's official.... New Horizon has been sold! Wow, it's really hard to believe I've said it and the news is out there for all to see. We've owned her for over 10 years and it's time for a change. Even though we hadn't considered selling, when a gentleman from Man-O-War happened to be interested, it made us start to think about our situation with the boat being just a floating condo and we didn't seem to go cruising any more. Our problem was that we would have nowhere to live and we really need to be in Hope Town during at least the next two years while Dave is commodore of the sailing club. Suddenly the planets started to line up with a long term rental apartment overlooking the harbor becoming available. Recently the deal was sealed on both the boat sale and the apartment. We will be able to stay on the boat through this season, and then it will be delivered to her new home, after we move all our stuff off of it...and boy do we have a decade's worth of stuff collected! At least being a long term rental with a two year lease, we can leave everything at the apartment, soon to be named New Horizon Treehouse. Everyone knows us as New Horizon, but since the apartment is on the second floor surrounded by trees, we thought that treehouse was an appropriate addition to the name.

It does need some upgrades, but we will be working on that next season. 

However the front porch is awesome and the place to be. We'll have lots to watch, overlooking the harbor and Lighthouse Marina.

Plus Dave will be happy because we will actually be living in the boatyard and the lighthouse workshop is next door!

Hope Town Inn and Marina (where we are living now) is a short walk away and we have been given pool privileges. Hopefully this latest change will be the best of both worlds.

And I'm glad there's a good chance that you were sitting down when you read this latest news!


  1. WOW !!!!! Good for you two , I know it was a hard for you to give up your beautiful boat . But a lot of things have changed in your lives lately and now its time for the next new part to happen. I'm sure it make it easier for you both. I just have question for you , how many guest rooms does it have ? enjoy the rest of your stay on the old girl and when you come back bring the sun an warmth with you . keeping watch , Lynda & John

  2. Hello to you both and your wonderful blog - best wishes for new good things too!
    Lauren and John
    p.s. guest rooms great question! haha