Friday, February 21, 2014

Iceberg Ahead! Hard To Starboard!

That was the call on the RMS Titanic back in 1912 and TODAY! New Horizon was transformed into this famous ship for the Hope Town Sailing Club's Golden Jubilee Fleet Parade. We have been working on this project for over a month and the actual decorating took two days. We had the best creative leaders and there were 16 of us on board. Highlights included smoke stacks with smoke, portholes with hands coming out of the water like the boat was sinking and a rat trying to escape, an orchestra with instruments, dancers and a drink server, and Rose and Jack Dawson on the bow.

Dave was Captain Smith and his first mate spied the berg, rang the bell alarm and blew the horn to alert everyone of the iceberg...which we had tied to the side of the boat, complete with penguin.

We also had a scary lady in her nightgown hanging off the back of the boat in a 'lifeboat'.

Plus trying to row and escape from the sinking ship was a crew member being towed astern.

What a titanic undertaking this was and it was well worth it since New Horizon won best overall boat in the parade!!! In fact, we talked to one of the judges afterward and she said that if this had been the Oscars, we would have won every category. Our neighbor at the marina summed it up best..."We knocked it out of the park!"

And what fun we all had!

(Thanks Sue H. for all the photos)

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