Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dock Project

Over the past couple of years there have been requests for a handicap access to the HTSC dinghy dock. Especially at low tide, anyone with a disability has a hard time climbing up the ladders.

Dave, spearheaded a plan to install a ramp, and brought his design to the town council for approval. He thought a ramp would work best, because not only does it fit into the existing footprint of the dock (so it wouldn't need a permit), but it also does away with steps all together. Bob, Will, and Jim R. volunteered to make the alterations and shore up the beams underneath, so when the original dock planking was cut out and hinged, it made the ramp. It can even be raised and lowered to secure it in case of hurricanes. As an added attraction, the harbor dogs are loving it too. No longer do they have to be hauled up and down the ladders by their owners.

What a brilliant idea and a great job by all!

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