Friday, March 20, 2015

Looking Ahead

Dave raced on the Abaco Rage on Wednesday and the wind was so light that they were barely moving. Of course with that huge mainsail, they did well. In fact they won the race!

While they were ghosting along, the skipper and past skipper told Dave that the skippers do two year stints. Stafford did it for two years when Dave first started getting involved with the Rage, and for the past two years Richard has been doing it. That's when they informed Dave that it will be HIS turn to be the skipper for the next two years!

Dave has been crew chief, getting everyone lined up for each race, and he has also had experience being on the mainsheet, being bowman, and timing the start of the races. He has also done one race as skipper. This is the next progression and it certainly will be quite a responsibility and yet such an honor!

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