Friday, March 6, 2015

"Mother Wit"

We just gave ourselves a belated anniversary gift. Instead of making Abaco Dinghies, Winer Malone is now making half models of the boats. He has no plans he works from, but does this by experience and "mother wit." We visited his workshop and little settlement conch house.

 This is all he needs to be comfortable...his home, his workshop, and his two adopted 'potcake' dogs (the local mongrel dogs are all named after what was left in the bottom of the cooking pot and fed to them).

 He made this model for us, signing it with his name and our names, plus our anniversary date.

Dave added the name 'Dandy' to the back, because this is exactly how it will be on our dinghy when it is finished.

We had to put it up high to get the contrast with the white paint, but what an honor to have this hanging in our apartment! It looks spectacular and is the focus point as you walk in the front door.

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