Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Season Finale

We took one more outback safari to take advantage the calm weather before heading back to Daytona (I am actually leaving tomorrow, and Dave will follow a week later after all his meetings are done).

This time we went north to Water Cays, about halfway to Treasure Cay on the mainland Abaco side. There were several backwater creeks that we explored and we have never seen so many turtles, plus a couple of small sharks. It was almost like a nursery. Unfortunately they were all so fast, I couldn't get any photos. It sure was pretty though

Water Cays is where the 1974 film "Day of the Dolphin" was filmed and this is all that remains of the set...
We also went through many of these pilings, which I presume had fence between them. We haven't figured out if it was where the dolphins were penned in or if someone had a turtle or conch 'crawl' (containment area) at some point. 

This overturned  loader was a strange sight in the water, complete with tracks.

We found the remnants of this bridge and passed under it, following the tidal flow.

Someone had dropped old tires in the water, perhaps to entice lobsters.

Somewhere in this photo is probably a turtle or two. :-)

We explored this area several years ago, when we still had the Logic Riot on the back of New Horizon. We couldn't go very far, due to the tide, and we have wanted to get back there with the kayaks ever since. This was the perfect day to do it. Now it's time to pack and get back to the real world!

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