Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Sound Of Silence

Hope Town is so busy at this time of year. There certainly is a lot to watch from our front porch, but the noise gets to us sometimes. We decided to head to the outback on Safari with our kayaks in the boat. We ended up down south by the abandoned sailboat, and it was a perfect place to explore.

There wasn't a breath of wind, as we went in and out of the bays and around all the iron coral rock formations.

The only sounds we heard were birds in the trees and the swoosh of our paddles.

Yes, we really are floating!

With water so clear, who needs a mask and snorkel?

We continued our safari on down to Little Harbour, where it wasn't quite so deserted. Since it was calm out, I think half of Hope Town had gone down to Pete's Pub. 

We went off on our own though and headed towards the caves where the Johnston family lived when they first arrived many years ago.

There were turtles surfacing everywhere as we headed out the harbor and around Tom Curry Point to The Bight of Old Robinson. There was just a slight swell coming in from the ocean and it made it fun to surf the waves. We wouldn't want to land here though...

On the other side of the point there were only a couple of beautiful houses and some very shallow water outside the dredged channel. 

All was bliss and we skirted the shoreline in the skiff, all the way back to Hope Town. This was one of the best outings we have had all season.


  1. Definitely some of the best pictures. We are all envious of the excursion

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  3. Looks beautiful!