Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Remember This?

I am pleased to report that mother and the triplets are still around and doing well! The yearlings still stay quite close to the doe as they meander through the back yard every night at about dusk. We saw them in the woods when we were cleaning up the trails today, and all four of them went leaping off together with their white tails up in the alert position.

We've also had another set of deer which look to be a mother and twin yearlings. The first evening they were munching on berry bushes and grass and Dave noticed a big orange tabby cat walking by our fish pond. It kept walking out towards the Den of Antiquities when all three of the deer spotted it. The doe froze in its spot, but kids will be be kids and one of them headed over to check out this strange little animal. It was so funny watching the pursuit. The cat ended up hiding under the Farmall but the deer still kept stalking it. Next thing I saw was a blur of orange streaking through the yard as the cat made a run for it, which freaked out all the animals and they all bounded into the woods. Gee, you never know what you're going to see in our yard! It's like being in a Disney movie.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting Better

The weather has improved somewhat and we have been doing a lot of yard work. Thank goodness for the New Holland tractor, Billy Goat blower, and Dave's back pack blower. With all this, we barely need to rake much. Dave even discovered a better way to get rid of leaves in the fish pond, cellar window wells and even the flower gardens....vacuum them! It sure makes much less mess.

Now the trees are starting to bud, the plants are sticking their heads up, and I even saw the first spring flowers blooming.

The pond has been filled with water since I took this photo, but all the lawn ornaments are out. Time for the goldfish to come home.

 It may not feel like summer, but at least it looks more like it!

Friday, April 24, 2015


I jinxed us by putting that snowflake on the last post. Little did I know that we would be running into snow showers on our way back from Ticonderoga yesterday. We even saw some snow banks and one of the ponds in the mountains still had some ice on it. I didn't have my camera with me so I borrowed this photo from the internet to show what the roads looked like on the way home. The snow was even accumulating under the windshield wipers.

Today is even colder and as I sit here writing this, there are snow flurries outside the window. Reading Facebook posts about the Family Island Regatta being held this week back in George Town, Bahamas, makes us wonder if perhaps we might stay later and join in the fun next year. What a contrast between John's video in the snow he just posted, and Stafford's George Town photos. Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Too Soon?

We are back home and wondering if we have come home too soon. We heard last week that it was in the 70's, so we packed up and had a fine trip north, and are now ready for lots of yard work and projects. However, today it's 50 degrees (maybe) and raining. The weatherman has predicted something called graupel that I have never heard of. Naturally I Googled it and found out that graupel can turn into balls of rime. Huh? Apparently it all has to do with ice pellets and conditions that we people that are used to 75-85 degree weather know nothing about. Brrrrrrr!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eclectic Eatery

Rick, Eva, Dave, and I went to this really unusual restaurant aptly named Hidden Treasure. The owner is a collector just like we are...only he has more antique outboards! What an experience walking around and seeing so many different things on the walls, rafters, and ceiling.

 We'll definitely have to go back, because we certainly couldn't take it all in during one visit.

Next stop...Glenville! We leave at first light Monday morning. Stay tuned for more posts from the north country...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Placid Inlet

Whenever we are in Daytona, we go down and visit Ponce Inlet. Usually it is very dynamic and rough, but not this time. I have never seen it this calm. There weren't even any dolphins to watch cavorting in the current.

This was a really cool rescue vehicle though. It would really work well in Hope Town.

We haven't had many beach days this time around with gray skies and the threat of rain. I guess we'll just keep riding around on the Helix, dodging raindrops, instead.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

German Engineering...

And a lot of imagination! What a perfect family outing to go to the Port Orange VW show in the park. Brother Rick and sister-in-law Eva, nephew Matthew and his girlfriend Ashley (aka the Burger Queen...she's a B.K. manager), Dave and I had a great time looking at the classic cars in a classic setting.

This was the first time I had gone, but Dave said it was better than ever, with more vehicles and more vendors.

Even the DJ was working out of his VW...

This one's for you Chuck. There had to have been a dozen 'Things' there!

There were also quite a few Karmann Ghias. Sue & Len, you should have saved yours from the 70's. This one was for sale for $19,000!

Here are some of the other vehicles that stood out. Some of them are actually completed projects, even with the rust. The trend is now to clear coat the rust instead of a perfect paint job.

 Did you notice the bomb on the roof?

Dave wasn't sure if he liked the truck or the hit and miss engines best.

We knew we couldn't go home with a vehicle, so we did the next best thing...we bought a very artistic picture of several of them. How many wives would like it so much that they would suggest that it go in the spare bedroom at home? Boy, is Dave lucky he has ME!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


What do you do when it's 87 degrees out? You head to the shade and cool water of the inland springs. Dave, Mom, and I headed to Blue Spring State Park yesterday and had a great morning, watching all the fish...and eventually the people coming to swim and tube.

Dave snorkeled in the 72 degree water to the head of the spring, but Mom and I opted to do sit this one out in our chairs.

I did take a walk on the trail to see the main part of the spring bubbling to the surface.

The water is so clear until it meets the brown water of the river. There were several dozen of these alligator gars and long-nose gars just hanging out in the current (no manatees in sight today).

Dave was able to take some close-up photos of them.

As you can see if you look close, they even have teeth!

We had a very nice day revisiting this spot that we hadn't seen in several years. Maybe next time we'll explore with a rental kayak.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bicycle Tour

While Mom and I were at her class, Dave brought his bicycle up to St. Augustine to ride around and have a self-guided tour. Below are some of the quaint sights:
Narrow streets from the 1700s

City Hall

The restoration of the Flagler Campus

This one is for you Arlyne!

Casa Monica Hotel

Scooter parking only...yay!

Nice entrance way.

Classy terrace.

Newly restored Bridge of Lions

St. Augustine tall ships in the background.
St. Augustine is the oldest place Dave has visited on a bicycle. What a great destination!