Wednesday, April 15, 2015

German Engineering...

And a lot of imagination! What a perfect family outing to go to the Port Orange VW show in the park. Brother Rick and sister-in-law Eva, nephew Matthew and his girlfriend Ashley (aka the Burger Queen...she's a B.K. manager), Dave and I had a great time looking at the classic cars in a classic setting.

This was the first time I had gone, but Dave said it was better than ever, with more vehicles and more vendors.

Even the DJ was working out of his VW...

This one's for you Chuck. There had to have been a dozen 'Things' there!

There were also quite a few Karmann Ghias. Sue & Len, you should have saved yours from the 70's. This one was for sale for $19,000!

Here are some of the other vehicles that stood out. Some of them are actually completed projects, even with the rust. The trend is now to clear coat the rust instead of a perfect paint job.

 Did you notice the bomb on the roof?

Dave wasn't sure if he liked the truck or the hit and miss engines best.

We knew we couldn't go home with a vehicle, so we did the next best thing...we bought a very artistic picture of several of them. How many wives would like it so much that they would suggest that it go in the spare bedroom at home? Boy, is Dave lucky he has ME!

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