Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Remember This?

I am pleased to report that mother and the triplets are still around and doing well! The yearlings still stay quite close to the doe as they meander through the back yard every night at about dusk. We saw them in the woods when we were cleaning up the trails today, and all four of them went leaping off together with their white tails up in the alert position.

We've also had another set of deer which look to be a mother and twin yearlings. The first evening they were munching on berry bushes and grass and Dave noticed a big orange tabby cat walking by our fish pond. It kept walking out towards the Den of Antiquities when all three of the deer spotted it. The doe froze in its spot, but kids will be be kids and one of them headed over to check out this strange little animal. It was so funny watching the pursuit. The cat ended up hiding under the Farmall but the deer still kept stalking it. Next thing I saw was a blur of orange streaking through the yard as the cat made a run for it, which freaked out all the animals and they all bounded into the woods. Gee, you never know what you're going to see in our yard! It's like being in a Disney movie.

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