Saturday, April 11, 2015


What do you do when it's 87 degrees out? You head to the shade and cool water of the inland springs. Dave, Mom, and I headed to Blue Spring State Park yesterday and had a great morning, watching all the fish...and eventually the people coming to swim and tube.

Dave snorkeled in the 72 degree water to the head of the spring, but Mom and I opted to do sit this one out in our chairs.

I did take a walk on the trail to see the main part of the spring bubbling to the surface.

The water is so clear until it meets the brown water of the river. There were several dozen of these alligator gars and long-nose gars just hanging out in the current (no manatees in sight today).

Dave was able to take some close-up photos of them.

As you can see if you look close, they even have teeth!

We had a very nice day revisiting this spot that we hadn't seen in several years. Maybe next time we'll explore with a rental kayak.


  1. Amazing pictures above and below. Looks like a lovely day.

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