Sunday, February 28, 2016


It's the time of year for the Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue Fundraiser and we volunteered to help set up and take down the tents and tables. It's the least we could do after all the help they gave Dave after his 'fall from the sky' almost three years ago. It was a very successful event with food, drink, shirts for sale, and a gigantic bake sale.

They had some of their equipment on display and did some water pump demonstrations, setting a pile of pallets on fire (we were sailing Suja by that time and got a close up view, but unfortunately I didn't have my camera).

As we walked by the Polaris ATV, I asked Dave if he wanted to reenact being on the backboard for a blog post. Sorry everyone, he said no way and it brought back too many memories.

I think Dave was either hiding from the backboards or giving them a dirty look...

However he still would like to take another ride in the rescue inflatable...this time vertical and not horizontal!


  1. At least Dave has come (mostly) to his senses when it comes to climbing so we don't have to build a backboard trailer to be towed around the variety of vehicles at the ranch.

  2. I forgot to add that Commodore Dave could add an inflatable boat to his Lake George fleet. That would be Admiral-able.