Saturday, March 5, 2016


That stands for Abaco Dinghy Cruising Club for people with Abaco Dinghy Disorder. Five Abaco Dinghies sailed down to White Sound on the southern part of Elbow Cay today. It was an historical moment to form our new club and have that many dinghies out sailing, just for the fun of it. We stayed together as much as possible, sometimes getting quite close.

Sometimes VERY close!

Most of the booms on these boats are very low, and this reduces your line of sight. 

Dandy's boom is one of the lowest, so Dave is coming up with a way to raise it up so that we are not so scrunched up in order not to be hit by the boom. I can't even sit up in the bottom of the boat right now. This will also increase visibility...not to mention increase my enthusiasm for wanting to go out sailing in it.

The first stop was to help launch a newly acquired dinghy that came from Pennsylvania and pretty much had the same story as Dandy, being stored for many years before being brought back to its former glory. What a surprise for the owner to have all of us show up at his beach to help.

I love the many different colors and finishes of the boats. It makes them all have personalities of their own.

Then it was on to the Abaco Inn, where having these boats beached together drew the attention of everyone going by.

This is Dandy's 'kickstand' that Dave made so that it doesn't fall over on its keel when the tide goes out...

We were hard on the wind on the way back to Hope Town, so we split up since each boat sails and points into the wind just a little differently. We all made it and had a fantastic time. It was quite funny having so many people sailing with the real ADD...Attention Deficit Disorder that has turned into Abaco Dinghy Disease later in life. However, none of these sailors have really "grown up!"

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