Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Here and There, Part 2

I'm still here (Daytona) and Dave is still there (Bahamas)! Things aren't working out quite the way we expected them to. The last race has been postponed until the beginning of April and then the weather is predicted to get very windy, meaning that Soliaire1 won't be able to leave until at least a week or even longer. Therefore, Dave will be flying back to Stuart on Saturday, picking up the van and driving to Daytona.

Dave has been slowly pulling things together for a departure, which includes storing the boats. He has also been having fun attending various events, including a bonfire on the beach, which is really a sandbar that isn't even there at low tide.

Meanwhile, I have been working like crazy getting leaves raked (good practice for home!) weeds pulled, and the pool area and furniture cleaned up and bleached. Every morning I try to take a 2 mile walk and again in the evening. These are my walking pals...a family of white ibis.

Once Dave is here, we can hopefully get back out on the Helix and do some cruising around. More when he returns.

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