Thursday, March 10, 2016

Housing Authority

Remember our cute woodpecker looking in the window? It's Spring now and time to build a our house! We have been trying to chase them off but he or she, and sometimes they, keep coming back to chisel away at the siding and make holes. We have one hole covered up with a temporary paper plate, and the second hole I covered with a CD, hoping it would discourage them like a scarecrow. Wow, have they been mad at that! I caught them grabbing on to it and shaking it. When the birds make it through the siding, all there is a thin sheet of paneling before they are actually in the apartment with us.

This is what the hole looks like underneath...

We were given the idea that if Dave just made a birdhouse/nesting box, our troubles would be over.

That remains to be seen, as Jim R. told us that he sits on his porch here and watches a woodpecker sitting on top of his neighbor's birdhouse pecking on the siding behind it. How convenient! Stay tuned...

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