Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's Time

The last dinghy race of the season was cancelled due to inclement weather, but the weather improved later on, so Jim and Dave started putting away their toys. Jim's kayak, Sunfish, daysailer, and inflatable are all stored away (he and Sharon leave Tuesday). Then they took down Dandy's rig and stowed that. The boat itself will be hauled out with the forklift in the next couple of days.

Our daysailer Suja will stay on the beach until just before Dave leaves the first of April, along with Safari the skiff and Walkabout. Since I am leaving Wednesday and the weather isn't conducive for paddling, the kayaks are back on the porch and ready for their storage covers. They get tied to the lower railing 4x4s in case of a hurricane.

Yes, it's time to start heading north. Once again it is bittersweet, but we are really looking forward to the summer months and our other lives.

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