Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Past, Present, & Future

This year's Hope Town Heritage Day was one of the best we have experienced in many years. What made it special was that the organizers had the school children more involved in every aspect of it. It is so important for them to know their past history because they are the future. The boys in this photo are showing the Hope Town flag.

The opening ceremonies featured board members in costumes, then the school children sang the Bahamas National Anthem.

A prayer followed, given by Vernon who was also in costume. The youngsters were adorable while praying and every single one of them knew the Lord's Prayer (I couldn't resist sneaking a photo).

Then it was time for the reenactment of the first Loyalist settlers landing in Abaco Dinghies (the grown-ups sculled the boats to shore). The kids were great...the boys waved their hats, while the girls did the queen's wave. What a contrast with the modern fiberglass yachts of today in the background.

Dave had to help the kids climb up the ladder to the dock because the girls kept stepping on their skirts.

Some of the kids sang and danced to local songs, and there was also a small junior junkanoo demonstration. The drummers were especially talented.

Later, the school children were guides at the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum open house. 

Food and drink were available, and Dave and Jim helped cook at the grill.

Yet another entertaining event in Hope Town!

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