Thursday, March 3, 2016

Water Time

We've had two gorgeous days of calm weather. The birds are singing and it sure seems like Spring. Dave took a couple of friends out to what we call the Junk Pile snorkeling spot in the Sea of Abaco while I kayaked there from the harbor. Walkabout is running smoothly once again with its lower end cooling modifications.

Jack learns to 'drive'...

Yesterday I kayaked out to the start of the cruising boat race which entailed crossing the Sea of Abaco between Elbow Cay and the Parrot Cays. All along the way I saw starfish galore. I wish I had brought my camera that day, since I paddled over a 6 sided one and a 'baby' one. Today I only found one, but it was a gorgeous dark color.

Thankfully I didn't see this 12 ft. hammerhead shark that friends Melissa and K. saw while heading to Man-O-War. Melissa has an underwater camera just like mine and put it below the surface to get this photo:

This afternoon we plan on going out sailing on Suja. It's time to make up for the rest of the winter!

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