Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Is Here!

A few days ago, on the first day of autumn, it was still 84 degrees out. Such a perfect continuation of our great summer weather. Before it got too warm out, we decided to take a hike up Cook Mountain, which we haven't done in many years. Once we were into the 1 mile hike almost straight up, I remembered why we hadn't been there in so long. I would caption the photo below: the WTF much farther and steeper does this trail go?

Eventually my knees couldn't handle it and I know going down at such an angle is even worse. I sat on a log and told Dave to keep going for a little way to see if we were near the top. I certainly didn't want to miss out on the view if we were almost there. It was so beautiful and quiet with just a couple of chipmunks running around. Then I heard rustling and looked around to see a huge porcupine heading my way with its quills out! I yelled "HEY" to keep it away and it did stop, but Dave also heard me and called out to see if I was okay. I told him about the porcupine and asked if he was "there." He said yes, so I started heading up, only to find he was heading back down. Me: "Why did you come down?" Dave: "I thought you wanted to know if I was there, not THERE." In other words he was in hearing distance but not at the top. I showed him the porcupine who was still rummaging around in the leaves and Dave went to take a photo, startling it and it immediately climbed up a tree, something I didn't know they did. At least it wasn't a bear!

We figured this was an omen to abort our hike and decided it would be much more fun to go out on the lake in Moxie one more time. Definitely a good decision. We got to see the Mohican tour boat that has been hauled out on the railway in Ticonderoga. They are putting a new bottom on it and we could see straight through it in the front.

Dave couldn't resist taking one more plunge into the water before we headed back and winterized all the boats.

Too bad all of fall isn't like this, but our life down south is calling. We'll back boating in another body of water that is always clear, soon enough!

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