Monday, September 12, 2016

Pulling The Plug On Summer

And what a good summer it was! Labor Day weekend was kayaking with John and Lynda, and then Dave and John went to the waterfalls at the Bass Hole. On Monday, Kerstin and Kenny joined us for some swimming with Moxie and then frolicking in the falls too.

It was a perfect ending to summer. Then it was time to take back the lake(s), with very few people around once the kids go back to school. After a Sea Doo exploration of Lower Lake George on Wednesday with Jim R., I took my kayak to Sacandaga Lake on Friday. This gives the literal meaning to pulling the plug. Sacandaga is a reservoir that they drain down after the summer, for water down the Hudson and New York City (Originally there was a town before they flooded the valley to make the reservoir). It is going down a foot a day.

You have to be prepared for this. Some boats are still floating and others are high and dry. 

I wouldn't suggest going down this 'water' slide...

Now we are finishing up our long weekend of Adirondack Nationals Car Show, Tugboat Roundup, and Rice-O-Rama motorcycle show and swap meet, where Dave won second place in the mini-bike class with his Trail 70. He also brought his KZ1000 and RV90 (the only one there).

This morning I woke to 46 degree temps and turned the heat on in the house for the first time. Ahhh, summer of 2016, gone but not forgotten!

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