Monday, September 19, 2016

Round & Round We Go...

Or not! Dave and friend Pete (who also has a fertile imagination and eclectic talent for projects like this) have been working on Dave's latest creation. A spring loaded twirling motorcycle ride. A few years ago, we wanted a spring from a children's playground ride, but ended up with a much larger and heftier spring, so we could really go big...perfect for adults. It even spun around, which was an added bonus. With Dave's mind that never rests, he came up with the idea that we should be able to be transport it to some of the motorcycle, truck, and tractor shows we attend. The guys mounted it in a campfire ring and welded it to this little trailer.

Then Dave poured concrete to secure the spring in the base. 

Next they mounted an old non-functioning Bridgestone motorcycle to the spring.

Unfortunately the added weight and height made it too top heavy and wobbly, or in nautical terms, it was very tender. Dave hung on to the New Holland tractor for stability and wouldn't let go. It would definitely be too scary to spin around and bounce on this ride, especially so high up.

So it's back to the drawing board, but stay tuned, because you know eventually Dave will succeed!

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