Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back To Christmas

When I wrote the post about me coming down with the flu, I mentioned that it all began at the Christmas play. It was ALMOST worth being sick to see this show (talk about the cost of admission?!). This year's St. James Players children's play was the best I have ever seen, and many people around the community are saying the same thing. The title was "The Night Shift Before Christmas." I thought it would be a hospital theme, but it was all about a restaurant in Bethlehem, and the night visitors and patrons, including the wise men, shepherds, three kings, and even a camel!
The older kids are so talented and are great singers. Now that we have been here for so many winters, we know quite a few of them from the Hope Town Junior Sailing Program, and it's fun to see them grow up.

The younger kids are really cute and even had some solos of their own.

Right at the end of the program they bring out the toddlers as angels and are so adorable. They all know their parts and the songs, but you could really tell it was past their bedtime with lots of yawning, making it even sweeter.

What a way to to start the Christmas season. Thanks go our to all the cast and crew for this monumental show. So many weeks and months of hard work are put into this and it was well worth their efforts. The proceeds go to the missionaries' work and the orphanage. Thanks also to Carol D. for the photos!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Belated Victory

We just read in our Abaconian newspaper that the Rat Sass won third place in the Box Cart Derby slalom course! They must have re-tallied the scores, and although it was actually our friend K. that did it, they gave credit to the "Commodore". Here is the link for the article:

Congratulations Dave and K.! Not bad for the first time out. Wait until next year when the cart is perfected.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bush Medicine

I have the flu. Over half the island has it. It started with the kids in the Christmas play (a future post), spread to the adults, and has run rampant ever since. Our lighthouse keeper Elvis was concerned when Dave, who isn't afflicted with it yet, told him how sick I was. He immediately brought me some Bahamian bush medicine, which I believe is Madeira bark. It had to boiled into a tea-like drink.

He warned me it would be bitter, but yikes, it was beyond bitter! I added some sugar and got about a third of it down. At midnight my fever broke and yesterday I was up and about. It worked! I'm still congested and a slight fever that goes up and down, but am hopefully on the road to recovery. What a shame because this whole week has been super calm!

It's not a good photo because of the back lighting, but here is Dave and his 'brother' Elvis...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dandy Is Home!

"What a long strange trip it's been!" Our 14 ft. Abaco Dinghy arrived on the dock this afternoon and drew much attention from everyone walking or riding by. They all said that we certainly did the right thing by bringing Dandy back to where she was built. The owner of what we think is the twin sister of the dinghy has already come over to check her out, and he is pretty sure it is the mate of the boat that was made along with his.

Next step is getting the builder, Winer Malone, to come over and share his expertise and knowledge, along with hopefully filling us in on it's lineage. Then it's time for the work to begin!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dave to the Rescue

The freight boat comes into the marina's dock almost daily to unload supplies, but today it lingered and then suddenly shut off its engines. Dave went down to see what was happening and he came running in, grabbed his tools and headed back out the door. Apparently the crane's lifting wire broke and then melted on the hot exhaust. There were no tools on board to even look at the problem so Dave loaned what he could and his expertise. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything and they had to call in mechanics from Man-O-War Cay. Dave got to go in the engine room and also talked to the captain. This problem happens occasionally and if it can't be repaired on the spot, all they can do is to go back to old times and unload what they can by hand and bucket brigade. Then it's back to their home base for repairs and try again the next day!

For Dave's help, maybe the charge for delivering our Abaco Dinghy 'Dandy' TOMORROW will be lowered. Even if they don't adjust the cost, it was well worth the experience.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

The O'Day Daysailer that we have been graciously given part owner in, spent the summer on the lawn at Seahorse Marine (thanks Stafford & Eric!). So that it didn't fill with water it was stored upside down, so when we went to launch it the other day it had to be flipped over again. It's a heavy boat so we gathered up several of our faithful volunteers and got it done and carried down to the launch ramp. We tried PVC pipe as rollers, but it was easier just to carry it with that many people.

Suja is now sitting pretty on the sailing club beach all rigged up and ready for a season of fun sailing!

Thursday, December 11, 2014