Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Worth the Trip

Sunday was a beautiful day for a hike in the Adirondacks. The wind was brisk but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We decided to go to Shelving Rock Falls near Ft. Ann. It is almost 11 miles down a side road that turns into a very dusty washboard dirt road, but well worth the trip. Unfortunately, MANY others thought it was a gorgeous day for a hike too. There are several different parking areas for the different trails and all were not only filled, but the sides of the very narrow road were taken up also, despite no parking signs. We made a good decision to explore to the end of the road that leads to some of the gorgeous private homes along Lake George (I certainly wouldn't call them camps), because when we turned around and came back, there was an open parking spot at the falls parking area. The hike is more of a walk along an old carriage road next to the creek and very easy to traverse.

It's only about half a mile to the falls, which looks to have been dammed up at some point for perhaps a mill. The water was very deep before heading over the edge and Dave wondered if there wasn't a big water wheel in the past.

It wasn't too hard getting down to the base of the falls, and well worth climbing down the rocks. This place must be mobbed during the hot summer days.

 You can tell there hasn't been much rain or snow melt runoff.

We then continued the trail down towards Lake George.
There was a lone boat anchored out in Log Bay, doing some early spring cruising. All during the summer months this bay is THE place to hang out in your boat and it is a "wall to wall" party. Today it was serene and out of that chilly north wind.

Next time we head up that way we will explore the summit trail, but definitely not on a weekend. Click HERE for more information on these hikes.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Toad Fest!

Dave was worried that we wouldn't have any toads 'singing' and laying eggs in our pond this year, so friend and neighbor Greg brought over 10 of them from his fish pond! We had a couple of nice 70 degree days and the toads went wild in the pond.

Now the cold weather is back and they are all hiding in the rocks, but have left trails of egg cases behind. Our goldfish will have lots of protein to eat in the near future when they get put back in the pond. It's too soon though, since our birdbath is frozen almost every morning.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Working Hard

We have been working hard to get our properties in shape following the winter season. Their are tons of leaves to rake, but my favorite part is using the Billy Goat push blower which makes the clean up so much faster. Chainsawing has been needed as trees broke off in high winds, blocking many of our trails. We spent a couple of days up north also (the earliest we have ever opened up the house), and it was already time to mow that fertile lawn. As a treat, we even went to see a Brit Floyd concert in Burlington. What a fantastic show! You would never know that it wasn't Pink Floyd, including the light show.

So now it's back to yard work and scraping and painting the peeling paint on the 'Ranch House'. It's great to be home though, seeing friends and enjoying all our animal and bird life. "Spring has sprung" and I will resume posting when we get back to our fun activities. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Road Trip!

The van is packed and I 95 North is calling, as is all the yard work at home. We are heading out today and hopefully bringing the warm sunny weather with us. More from points north....

And away we go!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Spring Fling

We've been to quite a few of the nearby springs over the years and have decided that Blue Spring is our favorite. The spring itself isn't as colorful but the whole park is gorgeous. Mom, Dave, and I spent several hours there, like we did last year.

Dave loves swimming with all the alligator gars, but at least the alligators didn't get him!
This is a popular spot for manatees during the winter season, but this is the only one I saw today... 

We'll probably be back next year too, or at least continue our natural spring tour. They are all so different, just like the islands of the Abacos. We certainly do like diversity in everything we do!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Inlet

Every time we are here in Daytona, we have to take the Helix down to Ponce Inlet to walk out on the fishing pier. Today the wind was brisk from the Northeast, so the waves were quite large hitting the rock jetty. Even the fishing boats anchored in the protected inlet were being rocked as the waves broke over the jetty. The tide was also going out and the sailboats coming in were having a hard time bucking the current. This is also a good place to watch dolphins frolicking near the sandbar on the New Smyrna  side of the inlet.

Definitely lots to watch on this busy weekend day at the inlet!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beach Bums

Riding around on the Honda Helix in 82 degree weather. Wish we could do more of this...