Sunday, September 28, 2014

Property Projects

Fall has its share of fun events, but it also means cooler temperatures for maintenance and projects around the property. Dave and Jim started out by reorganizing what was once the motorcycle showroom, but has now been aptly dubbed the museum.

Then the two of them loaded up Jim's trailer and took a trip to the scrapyard. This put closure on the re-possessed house (it has been sold...yay!), since a lot of the junk was from replacing items there this spring.

Dave and I just completed the drainage ditch on the side of the house, which will hopefully help this winter. Last year we had many gallons of water that seeped into the cellar (thank you again Jim and John for sopping up all the mess!).

It's hard to believe that Dave dug the whole trench and five foot deep drywell hole by hand...and shovel, of course. I had the easy job of running the New Holland, removing bucket after bucket load of dirt, then pouring in the gravel over the drainage pipe that leads to the new drywell. I even found a foundation block joint that had no concrete which added to the water intrusion. All the cellar window wells will need to be covered so the snow and ice don't accumulate, and hopefully this issue will be solved.

Our concrete sidewalks behind the house still need to be replaced and repositioned, along with another drainage ditch, but time is growing short here in the northeast, so it may have to wait until next year. We'll soon be wrapping things up and heading south!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

THE Big Weekend

Every fall we look forward to the weekend after Labor Day because it is packed full of events. We managed to attend every one of them this year.
Friday...Adirondack Nationals, Lake George Village:

Saturday...Tugboat Round-Up, Waterford:

Sunday...Rice-O-Rama, Massachusetts

Monday...Guptill's last car show of the season, Latham

I have only included a very small sampling of the photos taken of each event. I have been using so many photos that the blog has only been putting a few of my posts on the main page. However, please remember that the rest of my previous posts are in the archives at the bottom of the page. I don't want you to miss out on any of our adventures. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Day Extravaganza

What a fantastic weekend we spent with my sister and brother-in-law, Sue and Len. We certainly made the most of our four days together in the Adirondacks. Every day was filled with activities, starting with Sashaying in the northern part of Lake George for the afternoon on Friday.

After hitting lots of yard sales in the Schroon Lake area on Saturday, we headed to a place we had never been to, but always wanted to explore...the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. What a rare and interesting find! We did lots of hiking up and down trails, rocks and in caves.

There was one four hour tour that was really intense, that maybe Dave might like to do some day. It required lots of maneuverability, spelunking, and getting wet in the streams that ran through the caves.The owner's son led the tour and there couldn't have been a better person to do it. Can you imagine growing up and having all this in your backyard?

Dave checks out the exotic geodes. 

Sunday was a bit drizzly, but we adapted and went to Bolton Landing to check out all the end of the season sales and had lunch at this tiny but classic diner.

Sisterly Love. Sue used to be my big sister but now she's my little sister (we can even wear the same clothes!). She's even smaller in this photo pretending to be Edith Ann!

Monday morning was the perfect time to take a kayak trip around the upper end of the lake that we call the pond, before it turns into the LaChute River.

It was so early that the mountains were still in the fog. 

Dave grabbed this turtle as it was ready to fall into the water from the log it was sunning itself on.

We even had time to go for a brisk swim at the beach. We love it here with the view of Roger's Rock.

Another place that we frequently pass and have wanted to check out is the Champlain Monument next to the Crown Point Bridge. The park was about to close for the season and we were one of the last people they let in to see it. 

View from the top.

 What a great way to end our fun extended weekend together!