Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good Decision

Dave wasn't sure he made the right decision not to launch Dandy for the Abaco Dinghy races today. When we woke this morning to 15 mph winds, he was glad he had reserved one of the Sunfish instead. Several of the dinghies went out and two of them capsized in the wind and waves. I spent most of the three race series helping Heinz pump out his boat with our electric pump, and then towing him back into the harbor. Dan tried towing the boat, aptly named Nothin's Easy, over to shore so it could be bailed out without waves washing in. It didn't work too well, so they finally took the sails, mast, and boom off.

As we were headed back to Hope Town, I saw Dave passing the windward mark and he was sailing fantastic! He later said it was one of his most fun days of racing he has ever had. He came in 5th out of 14 boats , which is extremely good.

Many thanks to Bill and Maureen from the trawler Sweet Freedom who gave me these photos to use (Dave is #2571). It was great that they were out on the course as spectators and taking pictures, since I was otherwise occupied 😉.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

End Result

Dandy's work is completed! Now we have to launch it with the forklift and get the striped mast and boom rigged on it. 

Then it's time to go sailing and show it off!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pot O' Gold?

We woke to a spectacular double rainbow this morning. A great way to start this chilly day, which consisted of meetings and more mast and tiller repairs (another rotten wood spot was found in the Rage's mast).

Thanks so much for the gorgeous photo, Nancy, which was taken from her boat Moto Iti out in the harbor.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Wild Night

We had a nasty cold front come through the other night with 46 mph winds that finally went down to about 30-35 for 24 hours. During the night our porch chairs started 'walking' downwind. At 3:30 AM, the boatyard's workshop started banging like crazy. The rusted bottom part of the metal building has been removed and replaced with concrete, but the tin part still isn't attached. However, it hangs loose from a wood plank and the high winds started swinging and banging it around. I tried sleeping with earplugs in and even moved to the other bedroom, but the whistling jalousie north side windows chased me out to the livingroom to read...until the power went out! I waited about an hour and a half, to see if it would come back on before waking Dave (who was sleeping like a baby through all this). He went down and started the generator and tried securing the metal building, but that only lasted for a little while until the wind shook the lines loose. Back to bang, bang, bang, BAM every 5 minutes. At 7 AM I noticed the power was back on and instead of waking Dave again, I went down and shut off the generator and switched all the circuit boxes back to AC power. All except one that jammed and took several inches of skin off my forearm. I wasn't quite this happy at the time...

All day long the power fluctuated with lights dimming, and it even went off again a couple more times, including while I was in the middle of doing laundry causing all the washers and dryers to shut off. Running up and down the stairs to start the generator is great exercise! Once it was daylight out, Dave tied down the loose tin on the building and I wish the workers would get that project done. Manana, I'm sure.😉 Now it's going to continue blowing 20-25 mph for at least a week. Such is life in paradise at times.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Another "WWDD" Day

The first cruising boat race of the season was held on Wednesday, and since the Abaco Rage did not have its mast rigged yet, Dave went sailing on our friend Milton's Capri 25 named Sunrise. Minutes before the start of the point to point race around Garden and Sandy Cays near Man-O-War (with the southwest wind it ended up being a challenging downwind start), the tiller broke off and delaminated where it attaches to the rudder post.

That's where the "What Would Dave Do" comes into play and he had his WWDD shirt on just in case. They almost dropped out of the race, but Dave jury rigged the tiller, tied up the delaminated sections, but then had to sit on where it attaches, so it wouldn't jump off the post. Sounds uncomfortable, but luckily the race ended up being about an hour long, since the wind picked up and the boats flew around the islands.

WWDD? We certainly know he wouldn't give up!
(Thanks Will for the race photos.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Looking Sharp!

As the wind returns, so does the progress on our Abaco Dinghy. Dandy is almost finished. We decided not to mix paints again to try to achieve the melon/mango color, so the trim is now bright orange. We've had so many compliments already.

There is supposed to be a dinghy race this Sunday, but after a few days of calmer weather, we are expecting gale winds and temperatures in the 60's for several days starting this weekend. That's not very good to race in, so they will most likely be postponed. That will give us time to paint the bottom of Dandy black, to complete its new look. I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the mast and boom, but the ends of it have been painted like our candy striped lighthouse, which makes it even prettier....or should I say 'dandier'? It's all about the details!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Up From The Deep

A couple of days ago, when we were in one of our few calm times of the winter season, Dave took some of our new German visitor friends snorkeling down to Sandy Cay Reef. Cruising friends from Cutting Class, Marcia and Dan, happened to be down there also, and Marcia had her GoPro camera with her. She took this fantastic photo of Dave as he dove deep to check out something at the base of the coral.

Even though the wind was calm, the ocean still had swells and some chop left over from previous windy weather, and the boat was rocking around quite a bit on the reef's mooring. I was soooo glad I stayed back kayaking in Hope Town, because that night and the next day, Dave even had vertigo! He said the trip down there and his dizziness was well worth it though.