Thursday, September 14, 2017

Weekends of Fun

During the summer we tend to lay low during the weekends because they are so busy everywhere. Labor Day starts our fun fall activities. Even Labor Day weekend wasn't as busy as normal, because of the cool weather that has plagued us this summer. After a great lunch at Jiminy Peak, the Thunderbird climbed to the top of Mt. Greylock.

We have Hope Town friends that hiked the Appalachian Trail this summer. I did my part by walking about 100 feet of it at the summit! Our friends later told us the climb up the mountain was challenging and when a thunderstorm came through, they spent the night in the log cabin that is provided for hikers there. I'm glad we drove!

The weekend after Labor Day is always packed full of events that we traditionally attend. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for a trip to Lake George to see the Adirondack Nationals car show, and Dave was sick and we didn't go to the last Guptill's Car Show on Monday. However on Saturday we attended the Tugboat Round-up in Waterford. Once again the chilly weather kept some people away, and it didn't look quite as well attended as in previous years. That worked in our favor though.

We came across this display of wildlife bird rehabilitators which was amazing. They had three different owls and a raven which were so interesting. These birds had issues and would never be able to be returned to the wild, so they are displayed for educational purposes. Kudos to the Whispering Willow Wild Care group!

On Sunday, despite coming down with the flu, Dave went to the Rice-o-Rama motorcycle show in Massachusetts (I wonder how many people he infected...). The show was twice as large as previous years and more people than ever were thrilled with this one day a year event.

Of course his Widowmaker ride got an enormous amount of attention.

Dave didn't take too many photos, but if you are a Facebook fan, you can see plenty of shots from other's cameras on Rice-o-Rama's page.

Our friend Jim even got a 2nd place trophy for his Honda 50 in the 0-100cc class. Congratulations Jim!

Now that fall is here, we'll be looking forward to more events, although finally the weather is summer-like...we'll take it!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Spectacular Kayaking Day

What a gorgeous day to kayak on Eagle Lake! It was flat calm with reflections of the mountains. The loons were calling each other and echoing off the shore. Only two small fishing boats were out so I pretty much was on my own. Unfortunately Dave was home trying to recuperate from a respiratory virus and laryngitis. I feel so bad that he couldn't join me on this rare fall day of exploration.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Just a quick post to let you know that my mother and family are fine in Daytona. It has been quite the two days glued to the TV trying to see what damage there is and where exactly Hurricane Irma was going. I am still glued to the internet via data and library to try and see what has happened in the Florida Keys, since we used to own a home there and have friends that live there. The little information that I can find shows devastating destruction, flooding and damage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this monster storm including the Caribbean, lower Bahamas, and Florida. Now all eyes are on Hurricane Jose which is going around in circles in the Atlantic Ocean and may head to Abaco!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Out of the Time Warp!

Wow, when I titled my last post Time Warp, I didn't know that I would actually be stuck in one! It's been a cool, wet summer, but we have done our best to make the most of it, mainly doing things that we have in previous years. Moxie was out on our few really hot days and Dave became quite good at catching and releasing turtles...

We had a nice get-together with Hope Town friends on Putnam Pond. Jim and Sharon were in their tandem kayak, we had our two kayaks (Romine and Pink Floyd), and Bobbie and Ed rented a canoe.

Bobbie sent this photo of us at the beach.

We had a fun packed day in Lake George Village with friends Ken, Terri, and Noah. We had gone to see the annual boat show there.

As an added attraction, there was a Fort William reenactment between the British and French soldiers that was interesting to watch, and hearing the cannons firing was well... a blast!

Noah was going to be scalped...

We also headed up Prospect Mountain where the views of the lake are fantastic.

Before Labor Day we finally had several days of predicted nice weather to head to the 1000 Islands to try out our camper van Gulliver.

It was awesome staying in the NYS campgrounds right on the St. Lawrence. Ships and can't ask for more!

Plus boating, hiking, kayaking, and a really intense sunset made for a perfect birthday celebration for me....

We were hoping that we would also be able to take Gulliver to Cape Cod this fall, but our weather has just turned too chilly for that, so we'll most likely save that adventure for next year. However, it took a few days to get used to the smallness, but we are ready to live in the camper for a couple of weeks in Florida before heading to the Bahamas. For now though, all eyes and thoughts are on Hurricane Irma and Florida (right now if the prediction is correct, the Abacos should be okay with 'only' tropical storm force winds). My mother's assisted living facility is quite secure and they have a large generator, so they will not evacuate residents at this time. My brother and his family will board up and remain in their house. Other friends have mandatory evacuations and are heading northward in the traffic. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in this storm's path. I will keep you posted when I can.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Time Warp

We woke up recently to the troops walking by our house in Ticonderoga! Good thing I follow the fort's Facebook page and had just read that the staff and volunteers were doing a reenactment, or else I really would have wondered what was going on. They rowed a couple of boats on Lake George and then landed and walked the approximately 5 miles down The Portage and to the fort on Lake Champlain.

They did 'cheat' a little, unlike the days of old, and their boats were trailered by truck from Lake George. Originally they had to carry their boats from one lake to the other, hence the street name "The Portage!"

Monday, July 24, 2017

Annual Hudson River Cruise

Dave and I took the Sea Fox skiff down the Hudson River last week. It was a perfect day for cruising from Catskill to Kingston. We saw many barges being towed, and in fact one tugboat was pushing 6 barges tied up together. Then we saw the barge below. If anyone knows or can even guess what this is, please let me know!

Esopus and Roundout Creek Lighthouses:

Bridges across the Roundout Creek in Kingston...I can picture a train derailing and plunging into the water:

Roundout Wooden Boat School:

Old PT Boats just sitting and waiting for revival:

Many old wooden barge skeletons are strewn along the shore. We wondered how many were below us that we couldn't see. This used to be quite an important port.

Tugs line the shore too, waiting for repairs.

Lots of barges waiting to be hauled out for restoring. It was the busiest we have ever seen it.

The whole Roundout Creek is so interesting, but the end by the falls is the prettiest.

We're already looking forward to going back next summer!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Horizon

Or as Dave calls it...a dry horizon. Meet Gulliver (as in Gulliver's Travels), a 1994 Dodge Pleasure Way camper van.

Although we have been wondering where we're going to stay in Daytona, now that my mother's house has been sold, this was a spontaneous decision when we were in the 1000 Islands. We saw it for sale on the side of the road and thought about all the new adventures we could have. Plus no more motels (aka bedbugs) and reservations. We can stay at so many different campsites along the St. Lawrence when we go there. Then in the fall when we head south, we can stay within walking distance of Mom's assisted care facility for a week or so before flying to Hope Town. We have a bathroom, fridge, stove, microwave oven,and double bed in the back. Plus a/c, heat, a generator, a great stereo system (cassettes lol!), and a trailer hitch for towing. Our kayaks can fit inside too.

A true miniature land yacht that we are ready to explore a new horizon with!